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rosen.willow food log!


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Day 1


I practiced the past two days for lunch and breakfast but didn't start for real until today.


Meal 1:
- 2 eggs "fried" in ghee

- kale and mushrooms cooked in ghee

- small handful cashews

- sweet potato

- black tea


Meal 2: (out ... eek!)
- burger, lettuce, tomato

- salad (had to pick the cheese off the top because apparently "field greens" means a whole salad)

- tea


Pre-work out:

- egg

- bite of almond butter

- bite of a lara bar mid-workout


Workout: 2.5 hours of aerial circus!


Meal 3:

- modified fish stew (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/76693/spanish-cod/)

- salad

- sweet potato

- an egg


Here I go!

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After two days of feeling totally normal, woke up on Day 3 (today) feeling like "I need a nap" ... hmm. Though honestly feeling better as I eat breakfast so, hopefully it won't be too debilitating. Also, could I have somehow jumped to day 6 in the timeline ... that'd be cool. I'd love to skip the hangover and wanting to kill all the things :)


Day 2 was compliant but had an evening meeting so ate dinner really early and a snack when I got home because I was hungry. 

Meal 1: 2 eggs, avo, kale, mushrooms

Meal 2: salad w/ tuna, peppers, cukes, sweet potato, avo, roasted cauliflower

Meal 3 (5pm): monkfish with tomatoes/artichoke hearts, kale, maybe more sweet potato?

S (9:30pm ... I know, discouraged): half a larabar, hardboiled egg, some avo.



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Try adding another egg to breakfast, or some other protein if you don't want another egg -- when eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand. For me, having a big breakfast helps me feel less hungry the rest of the day, even into the evening, and if I don't have enough at breakfast, I'll feel hungry all day regardless of how much I eat the rest of the day.


Also, don't neglect your post-workout meals on days you work out -- a few bites of lean protein and optionally some starchy vegetable, as soon as you can after you work out, and in addition to your other meals. (More on what to have post-WO and why)

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Thanks for the tip! I'll try 3 eggs (slash see how many I can actually hold) tomorrow morning.


Today (Day 3) I ate ...


M1: 2 eggs, avo, kale, mushrooms, 1/4 sweet potato

Meal 2: salad w/ tuna, peppers, cukes, sweet potato, avo, roasted cauliflower, half banana w/ sunflower butter

Meal 3: monkfish with tomatoes/artichoke hearts, kale, 1/4 sweet potato, 4 strawberries, hardboiled egg, tablespoon of sunflower butter, GT Kombucha


In general, I'm not hungry between meals (yay!), at least not till the 4 hour mark. I don't know if that's in my head b/c that's the goal or really real but I'll take it ...


Also in general so glad that I prepared a lot! I have a whole bunch of roasted sweet potato quarters that I can eat whenever I need more in a meal; I made the protein salad out of tuna, I roasted veggies, hardboiled eggs, bought larabars for emergencies, and I made the sunflower butter/coconut milk sauce from the book. So I am not (yet) tempted by other food since I have so many options at the ready which fill me up. I still have no idea if I'm eating the right amount even though I'm using the guidelines from the meal template, but I also figure the point of this is to eat good food and learn your body, not be super hungry! And hopefully I'll develop that sense more over the month.

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I'm probably not going to keep logging food because it's a lot of similar stuff and is going fine. I upped to 3 eggs in the morning and half an avocado (always good to read the meal-planning guide, I probably wasn't eating enough fat ...). I think cooking for 1 = a good amount of repetition, but I'll try to switch out veggies over the course of the month.


In the middle of Day 5 and everything is fine. I went out to ice cream with a bunch of people yesterday and wasn't really tempted, only a tiny bit jealous ;)


Main question is ... I don't feel much different yet (besides being really full until the next meal - yay) and waking up SUPER tired. I've never slept so many days in a row until my alarm (and I've been sleeping like 8.5-9.5 hours!?). I wake up over the course of the morning, but the wake up is way more rough than pre whole30. I guess it's only day 5 though so I shouldn't worry about that? Nor should I worry that really nothing else feels very different?



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The first week or so can be pretty rough -- a lot of people experience tiredness. It should pass in a few days. Just be sure you're eating enough, drink plenty of water, and salt your food. If you're still feeling just as tired by day 10 or so, definitely come post something in the Troubleshooting part of the forum with what you've been eating, what exercise you're doing, and anything else you think might be relevant and we'll take a look and see if anything seems like it might be causing that.


Also keep in mind that the GT's Kombucha does have some caffeine in it, I'm not sure how much compared to something like regular tea or coffee, but it does have some, so maybe watch how late you're having that before bedtime.

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It's the morning of Day 8 and still going.


Shabbat dinner this weekend was the hardest "temptation" so far -- but it wasn't that bad and as long as I focused on the good food I was eating, it didn't feel like as much of a deprivation. Plus, there was watermelon as part of "dessert" so saying no to chocolate and cookies didn't mean eating nothing. Also, my friend made roasted eggs, which I'm excited to try instead of hardboiled. Oh, and getting excited about eating each new veggie as I finish my first round! And eating snap peas and sugar peas now that passover is over!


Didn't wake up too tired today, so maybe that's getting back to normal...? Hoping that the feeling awesome does come sometime soon-ish! Still feeling generally fine and full between meals, but I'm also looking forward to seeing some payoff. Though I know to be prepared for days 10-11 :)

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Day 11, still going. Not seeing anything radical yet, besides more often than not sleeping for a long time and not being hungry between meals (though that's a NSV for sure!). But I also thought I might see more changes by now (like sleeping BETTER, more energy, or body comp stuff).


New resolution for the rest of the time: besides finishing the "sunbutter sauce" I already made, I'm going to steer clear of nuts and nut butters. I think they're a "food without breaks" for me that in my time of no-chocolate, can feel like "dessert." Maybe this change will help me see more results?


Onward! This week's challenge is going to a really long 2-day training this weekend and bringing all my food!

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Still here! Day 17 :)


Nothing much new, nor revolutionary, but I'm sticking with it because I've gotten this far.


It is amazing how much secret sugar there is in the world - I had to trade back an iced tea I bought because it had added sugar (I asked after they'd poured, before I drank it).


Also, I'm getting a little bored of the food ... I'd love a good fish recipe if anyone has one, especially one that will have good leftovers! Oh, and something that feels a little hard is that I have tons of evening meetings, many of which I'm leading -- so eating dinner at the right time doesn't always happen. Last night, I ate half a dinner before the meeting I was leading and half after (which was kind of close to bedtime). Whoops?! But I don't know how to avoid that. I imagine it's not the biggest deal.

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