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Day 21 and still no results????

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Hi, I'm an 18 year old female nearing the end of my 1st whole 30. I'm on day 21 and I don't feel....anything? I feel no different, don't feel as if I have lost inches, still have fatigue and need 12+ hours of sleep a night, and don't seem to have any extra energy. As well, I haven't noticed amy acne clearing up. My diet before Whole 30 was rather bad, GF but high in sugar and carbs, yet I don't feel all that different except for the fact that I've been having really strange poops (sometimes diarrhea, sometimes rabbit poops + constipation). As well, this month I BARELY had my period.

I am a full time student as well as working a part time job, so since my schedule varies so greatly from day to day I can't really eat all my meals at the same time, and sometimes "lunch" is a handful of nuts, a Larabar, beef jerky, and some carrots. I tend to eat 1-2 servings of fruit a day, and about a half an avocado per day as well, but even if I'm not being perfectly strict I don't see how I could have changed my diet so much from what is was and not feel any different!

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...and sometimes "lunch" is a handful of nuts, a Larabar, beef jerky, and some carrots....

Hey there


I'm guessing ^ this is a big part of why you're not feeling any changes.


The meal template really is key for success - I can't emphasize that enough.


If you'd like to list exactly what you have eaten for the past 3-4 days, indicating portion sizes, specific veg types, activity/stress/sleep levels, and water intake we can try to help you make the most of your remaining days...


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Yesterday was a banana with almond butter for breakfast, a chicken burger with lettuce, pickles, half an avocado, and some apple sweetened dried cranberries for lunch, a cashew cookie Larabar and some bacon-wrapped dates around 4pm, then chicken in the buffalo sauce from the book, carrots and celery and roasted potatoes.


The day before breakfast was the same, I was on the go in the afternoon so lunch was an Epic bar, some cashews, some dried cranberries, and carrots. Dinner was an organic beef burger with lettuce, pickles, and half an avo.


Day before that, breakfast was two eggs, scrambled, lunch was a spinach and chicken salas with half an avo, was on the go for dinner so that was a Larabar, dried nori, and beef jerky (I know, no vegetables).


I honestly have no idea how much water I drink, I just don't keep track. I seem to sleep a lot, my night sleep in usually right at 9 hours, however it's interrupted 1-2 times a night to take the dog out, and when I do wake up it's because the dog is up-not because I want to be. If I'm at home and not out doing something, I tend to take a nap almost every afternoon. That being said, I'm not home much besides on the weekends. 


As for stress levels, I'm kind of...always stressed? I have anxiety problems, and as I said, full time student w/ finals coming up, as well as worrying over job searching, learning a new language, stress over whether or not I'm going to be able to handle being an EMT (I just got my certification), body image issues....pretty much anything that could cause a college student stress. 

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Have you seen the meal template? It's linked in my signature below.

You are not eating enough real food and you are eating WAY too much fruit, nuts and dried fruit.

I'm going to suggest that you read the meal template and then come back here and give us an idea of how you can make that work for your meals.

If you are busy or on the go, there are plenty of brown bag or picnic style lunch ideas (searchable by using google.. Whole30 + brown bag lunch for instance).

The fact of the matter is that the reason you don't feel any differently is because you are not eating enough and what you are eating is for the most part, fruit, nuts and processed food (lara bar, epic bar, beef jerky [almost impossible to find compliant]).

You have almost no vegetables in your meals at all... leafy greens when they are the sole veg need to be 5-6 cups worth to make an impact... and unless you're eating 1-3 cups of pickles, this is not sufficient.

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