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So I know yesterday was only day one of my first Whole30 but I seriously had a revelation. I did fantastic all day yesterday and felt great on top of it until about 8:30pm, right before bed when I usually have a sweet treat. Well, I had a treat, however instead of eating too much of it, I had two palmfuls (malted milk balls) and decided to be happy with myself instead of my usual beating myself up about it and falling off the wagon.

I was satisfied. I am istead going to be proud of myself for eating so well and drinking my water all day long (usually I fit in some random pieces of chocolate from my coworkers desks, which I didn't do for once) and make it a goal to do even better today. I haven't eaten that well for a whole day in a long time so I am going to praise myself instead of punish.

I know it is not the hard-core Whole30 but a vast improvement for myself. And now the candy is gone so the temptation shouldn't be a problem today:)

Just thought I'd share since we are human and we need to be kinder to ourselves!

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