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Traveling for a family wedding 2nd week of Whole30


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I'm really starting to worry that I am going to break down this week! I'm on day 7 today. Thursday I leave to go to my cousin's wedding and because it is family I do not see often, I don't want to make a fuss with special demands. I'm really not one to speak up and I always just go with the flow. I'm not sure I'll be able to stick to my good eating habits while a guest in someone's home and a guest at a formal wedding.


So far, my plan was to pack well for the plane ride and go to a grocery store right away. I've been invited to other dinners and lunches but have not replied because I don't want to make a big deal out of my diet. It would be rude not to give hosts a heads-up if I plan to stick to this, right? My not drinking and picky eating is going to stick out like a red flag and I'm not quite prepared to answer all the questions. 


I started the Whole30 exactly 31 days before my birthday with the plan that my first reintroduction would be sugar/gluten from my cake, so I don't really want to start over. I was highly considering scrapping the whole diet for this trip so I wouldn't be a difficult guest! 


Any tips?

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First of all, you're making a choice to do this and that choice is an investment in your health.  You not drinking or eating bread should have nothing to do with anyone else, however, that said, everyone has different comfort levels when asking for what they need.


Personally, I would send a note to the people who have invited you out and let them know you're on a strict elimination diet to determine how particular foods bother or don't bother you and that you'd like to stay on track with that.  Ask them if you can come over early and help cook or if they can let you know what they're planning on making so that you can make arrangements for your own limitations.  If you're staying somewhere that you can grocery shop and cook then you should be able to eat ahead of time or bring something that you can eat to these events.


I would also ask someone close to the planning (but not the Bride) what is being served at the wedding and if there is any way to get a message to the chef that you have dietary restrictions.


Dont' forget, you're doing this to be healthier... and you're doing it for you... you deserve it!

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