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Doing my second (and first full?) Whole30! Start: April 27th


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This is going to be short and sweet. This is my first post in the Whole30 Forum and I thought it'd be appropriate to state out loud that I'm committing to my second Whole30, though I really think that the first time I did it I didn't really do it that well....so *technically* this is my first true Whole30. My first attempt was last October, and I committed 100% during the Whole30 time period, but it was right before the holidays - which I think was a mistake. I reaped a lot of benefits (#noscale achievements like fitting into clothes better, clearer skin, brighter eyes, clearer mind, happier demeanor) but went into the holiday season riding a high of "Look what I just did, I'm so strong! Now to indulge for JUST a bit.." and fell off the wagon. Completely, terribly, in a no good very bad way that made me spiral out of control for months. 


I think this is because I didn't take time to reintegrate food back into my diet. I just crashed through that wall like the Kool-Aid man in search of alcohol and Christmas cookies. I ended up feeling like crap again, and fell back into fixing that crappy feeling with the temporary high of crappy food. Well, I'm learning from my mistakes and this time it's my intention to NOT to use it as a 30 day quick fix. To truly use this Whole30 as a way to evaluate my nutrition and lifestyle. To use this as a wellness tool, to make small adjustments that add up and lead to a lifestyle change of me taking better care of myself.


Here's to a purer intention, to setting my sights on a vision that is more encompassing of what I want for the long-term, and starting with the first two words:


I'm in.

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