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Post Whole30 Proud!


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Three words: I DID IT!!!


I knew I could, but I didn't know if I would. I had a couple of circumstances that I really had to push myself through -- and couldn't have gotten through without my amazing, supportive hubby and this forum -- but I succeeded!


In the end, I lost 3 inches and 10 pounds too! Overall I feel amazing, have been sleeping better, and I have tons of energy. The Dragon Blood kicked in for me at least ten days ago.


I've discovered a lot of amazing food that I never before ate as well: plantains, ghee, proscuitto, sweet potatoes...just to name a few.


I've also inspired several of my friends, a neighbor, my brother, and my hubby to do it!


I'm a believer and will be a long-time cheerleader for Whole30 and anybody trying to do it!


Oh...and this was only my first Whole30. I know for a fact this won't be my last!!

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good for you!  I'm on day 24 and am so excited that I'm going to finish it!  This was about my fourth try and I always found an excuse to stop at about 2 weeks but not this time.  The tiger blood has finally kicked in for me the last few days.  It's exciting!

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