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Day 29 - Got on the scale...


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I know, I know, it's against the rules, but I have a doctor's appointment later today, so I thought I would look at the numbers in the privacy of my own home first.

I had noticed some very positive body changes over the last 29 days. My clothes absolutely fit better and I have been able to wear my belt a notch tighter. So, I was actually looking forward to seeing a new number this morning, and boy....did I ever!

I gained 10 pounds! I thought I'd never, ever see that number again. I would have been a little better with the number if my body fat percentage had decreased (yes, I have one of THOSE scales) but it stayed the same. So, the same percentage of a higher number is....more fat on my body? How can that be?

I am really trying to let the numbers go and be happy with my improved body appearance, but wow...that's a real emotional shock. Plus, from a scientific standpoint, it just does not make sense.

I also have not, except for a WOD or two, noticed a marked increase in energy. On the contrary, I feel pretty lethargic, especially during a tHero WOD or long Met-Con.

I have slept no less than 7 hours a night, often closer to 8, and while my skin has cleared, I do have bags under my eyes to the extent that people feel compelled to tell me how tired I look.

My activity in a typical week includes walking my crazy dog 2-4 miles per day and WODing 4-6 times per week.

A typical day's food looks like this:

Breakfast - 3-egg-3-veggie omelet cooked in coconut oil or ghee with 1/2 avocado and a handful of berries.

Lunch - Protein cooked in coconut oil with hot veggies (asparagus, cauliflower, 1/2-1 sweet potato, or whatever else I may have around.)

Snack - apple with cashew butter or other fruit - grapes, oranges or dates

Dinner - Protein cooked in coconut oil with cold veggies - usually a salad with olive oil.

I feel satisfied eating what I eat, and after 25 years of counting calories, points, blocks, you name it, feel very liberated by just eating until I'm full.

I plan to continue eating this way, but I'm wondereing if anyone has any advice? More sleep? More sweet potatoes? I'd love to have a bit more energy, and honestly...that number on the scale has to come down eventually, right?

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You can gain 10 pounds of muscle and keep your body fat percentage the same. However, the most likely thing is that your fat percent assessment was wrong at the start or today or on both occasions (probably on both occasions). The scale can tip wildly up or down based upon how much you've been drinking water, sweating, your last bowel movement, etc.

You enjoyed "very positive body changes" until you looked at the scale! Why do you believe the scale and not your body? Your clothes fit better and you notched your belt tighter, but the scale tells the truth? NO. Your body tells the truth.

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Thanks, everyone! I realized, after typing all of that out that:

1) I was ignoring the real signs of progress (I was just shocked!)

2) I am probably working out too much - typically 5 WODs per week, with 1 long metcon and a Sunday Hero WOD per week...

I think I will celebrate Day 30 by taking a day off from the gym...

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