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I've decided that I'm going to bite the bullet and start on May 2. I've purchased all of the books (including Well Fed 1 & 2), signed up for the daily emails, cleaned out my kitchen (with the help of my son and hubby) and meal prepped for week 1... But I'm nervous!


My family isn't participating, there are always tons of goodies at work, my friends have already began saying comments like "what are you gonna do when we go out to eat" and  "what about all the ice cream (its my favorite) you're gonna miss out on, it's almost summer?". Also, a very close friend read and forwarded me some posts saying that people haven't lost weight, have seen very little inch loss, have the same issues as before, etc. With all of the negativity and my family not on board, I can't help but to feel this is going to be a rough 30 days.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up. But I need tips on the following problem areas/ possible setbacks:

  1. How to stay motivated or maintain the mental strength to avoid the negativity that surrounds me about my choice to choose Whole30 as a starting point to getting healthier?
  2. How to make meals for my son and husband and resist the urge to eat their non-compliant Whole30 foods?
  3. How can I avoid making 2 completely different meals for the family?
  4. Help aid my "salty" and chocolate cravings?
  5. Drink the recommended amount of water I should be drinking (HUGE ISSUE)?

Thanks!! :) 

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Hey there:  I am starting May 1 and have been worrying about a lot of the same things. 



1.  Motivation is about awareness I think.  I have always known the "right" healthy things to do, so staying true to that is a matter of focus on the fact that you want to live your ONE precious life full of vitality.  Stay focused on all the things you have to live for:)


2 and 3:  Make "hot plate" style meals (Check out the recipes in "Well Fed,"  and there can be pasta or bread on the side for your carbivores?  Or make potatoes, you can eat those too:)

I may be way too Pollyanna about it, but my plan with my family is to make food so delicious on plan that everyone wants to eat my food, not vice versa.

I made Sunshine Sauce last night with a bunch of prepped sauces I made ahead to be ready and so far I think this plan will help a lot.

Ice cream season is coming, but it's not even summer till June, so it will be even sweeter for all the waiting;)


4. Salted jerky or almonds?  Kale chips!!!  Chocolate will be my big battle too, but maybe someone more experienced has advice there.


5.  Make tea and ice it, use seltzer water or kombucha or infuse your water with flavors (mint leaves, fruit) you love so you are psyched to drink it:)

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Hi brittrambob!

I did my first whole 30 in January, and neither my husband nor son participated - it went fine, I assure you. Of course, I am used to making different meals as there are 2 pescatarians (the girls) and 2 carnivores in the family, so it was not a huge change. My daughter does not live with us anymore (wow!) but the boys are not going to give up their rice and sugar for now. My husband is already gluten free for a long time, so the rest of us respect that in the house for the most part. A lot of pancakes happen when our son is here, though!


In any case, you will be surprised how quickly you get used to the restrictions. Every meal is satisfying - just don't worry too terribly much about the amounts at first. The meal template based on your hand is useful, and having special things to make sure you drink enough might be a good idea (sparkling water with lemon, kombucha, or some other mild flavour works really well).


I am thinking about doing a second whole 30 starting on the 2nd as well. Will keep you posted!


good luck - 

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WhatMeWorry, that's great to hear that you had success feeding the entire family. So far I've been able to feed my hubby and kids too. My loves veggies and fruit so its easier with him. My hubby wants extra bread with bread on side and a splash of bread on top, so I make him a different side dish then for the rest of us. 


As for the water, that's a great idea about the sparkling water with lemon. I tried buying kombucha without sugar (the original flavor) and I still haven't adjusted. I'm sure it will get better soon. :)  

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