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I started april 19 for second time... I am so hungry


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Hi I started April 19 for my second W30. After my first one I did returned to W30 for several days or for a couple of weeks. My first experience was good I lost weight and my stomach reduced like 5 cm. it seems that bread and milk definitively produces inflammation in my stomach and a lot of heart burn. Now that I am in my 11th day of my second W30 I am so happy because I know I am really eating good nutrients I don't have had heart burn and I have the sensation of flat stomach (even tough is not really flat) but my most important problem is that I starve sometimes and I don't want to eat between my 3 meals or eat anything out of the program. I am eating good food portions and fat enough to satisfied myself I eat vegetables in all my meals and sometimes potatoes and fruit, why after a couple of hours of haven eaten I start wanting more food when I have eaten enough? Does anyone could give me a tip or idea about my situation ?

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