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I'm convinced !


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I was looking for a diet to lose weight. Didn't really believe this or anything else would work.

What I found was a complete game changer.


Being a night nurse on 12 hour shifts exhausted me and over the past 8 months all I did was lay on the couch on my down time

and eat snacks..weight piled on, felt awful, sick and tired and sore all the time. And 50 lbs over weight.

Tossing and turning and not sleeping well, then dragging myself to work the next night.


It has been 2 weeks and my knees, back and shoulders are not screaming in pain daily, no more advil 4x a day.

My mood is up, I'm sleeping like a baby.


I have energy..I repeat ....I have energy again. :D


I've lost 10 lbs..and I don't care. The feeling of well being is so much more precious at this point.

I'm running circles around girls 30 years younger than myself.



Thank you


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