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Last Day of Whole30


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Hello everyone! I'm on my last day, and I'm really excited about it. I am about 5' 7", and before I started the Whole30 on April 1st I weighed approximately 198 lbs. My boss wanted me and my team (we're a small team of 5 people, my boss included) to try this with him. Two members of our team didn't try it, and the third member is currently doing the what I consider the "Whole30 But..." program. That is, "I'm doing Whole30, but I'll keep my oatmeal, or drink a glass of wine," etcetera. So here I am on April 30th, and I have to say... I'm happy I made it. I know I failed a few times, maybe 10 meals or so. By "failed" I don't mean I went ham on everything and completely blew the diet out of the water. For example, one day my family and I went to Texas Roadhouse (a steakhouse), and I ordered an 11oz Sirloin steak. I didn't realize it at the time, but they grill their steaks in butter which isn't Whole30 compliant. Another day I had two pieces of bacon, and I hadn't realized until I ate it that I'd gotten the bacon with dextrose, not the one that was Whole30 compliant. So I didn't fall of the handle, but there were a few meals with those [relatively] small mistakes.


I did intentionally break one rule, but I am happy I did. About halfway through the month of was really tired of the Whole30 diet. I ended up weighing myself, because I was sure I was still 198 lbs, if not more. The scale showed me I was down to about 192 lbs. I checked it again the next day wondering if it had just been a fluke, and I was still 192 lbs. This was actually the motivation I needed not to give up. I had broken my foot at the beginning of March, so I really hadn't been getting any exercise, and yet here I was losing weight. I know I wasn't supposed to weigh myself. But I weighed myself again yesterday, and one more time today. I am at about 188 lbs now. So in a month I have lost 10 lbs, and I all did was change my diet. My foot is mostly healed now, so I'll be able to do more exercise (I like to play tennis with one of my friends a couple of times a week for example), so if I don't go back to my old ways I should definitely start to lose more weight. Losing weight is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but I haven't been able to stick with anything long enough to make a difference.


Tomorrow I will not go back to eating anything and everything I want. I won't omit everything that the Whole30 does, but I will be better than I was before. Just because something has Dextrose, and it's less than 2%, it doesn't mean I won't eat it. But I won't go back to my daily cookie eating, or eating donuts several times per week, or any of that "obviously" unhealthy stuff. I will be better about labels, and hopefully I will find a happy balance between Whole30 and where I was before. Whole30 has helped me, a lot.


I thank everyone for their support, even though you didn't know you all were helping me. Today is the first day that I created an account, but I have checked the blogs and forums on countless occasions for assistance. You're amazing people.


To summarize: I am almost finished, and I am so thankful I did the Whole30.

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