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Today I finished Day 21 of my first Whole30. I had had my eye on this weekend for a while. I had been afraid of this weekend, but I've come through it successfully!

Saturday we were at an all-day swim competition at which there were only vendors and snack counters. I packed a big cooler full of compliant food options for myself and I was able to stay on plan and eat to satiety!

Today, Sunday, we had a wedding to attend. I was very nervous about the reception. I had considered packing food and keeping it in the car in case I needed something, but I didn't. After the ceremony they announced we could go in and enjoy appetizers while they took pictures. I was thrilled when I entered the reception area and saw fruit and veggies on people's plates! I chose a variety of veggies, no dips, no cheese, no crackers. I could sit at the table and munch with everyone else. The supper was served at various stations. From the first station I selected a mixed greens salad with blackberries and kiwi and placed a chicken kabob over the salad instead of dressing. At the second station, I selected fresh carved beef and turkey and roasted potatoes. At the third station, I selected roasted asparagus. I had a full plate of whole foods! Some weddings just have wedding cake and ice cream for dessert. Not this wedding! They had a full-out dessert table with incredible-looking desserts. I only saw the desserts on people's plates - I didn't even go over to the table - why even look if I can't eat it!

So anyway, I'm glad this weekend is behind me now and I've successfully maneuvered my way through it! It should be smooth sailing my last nine days!

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