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PCOSer on Whole30 starting tomorrow!


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So…here I am gearing up for my first Whole 30. I have PCOS which means my hormones do NOT behave and also induce insulin issues and cravings. Plus, I deal with headaches and a variety of hormonal issues that I hope this eating plan helps with. I also do Insanity daily, so I am quite used to eating clean and well. I have a husband who is resistant to eating well and 3 kids to cook for, so the house is full of temptations. 


Nervous about:

1. Being hungry between meals, as I usually eat every 2-3 hours

2. No sweeteners. I'm used to some truvia or stevia occasionally

3. No grains! Seriously.

4 Cheating by accident and ruining everything.


Working like crazy to plan and prep meals, but the no serving size is a bit confusing for a newbie, so it's taking some time to figure out the fat and fruit aspect of the meals. I got the protein and veggie thing down.


Looking forward!

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Yes!!!! This is me! You can do it... And when you realize how great you feel after the first one, you won't hesitate to find your way back if you should ever find yourself at the foot of the proverbial cross again.

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