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Craving an After Dinner Snack

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I am on day 6 and am experiencing cravings after dinner. Before Whole 30 I would normally have a protein shake before bed with almonds, oats and casein. A typical day of eating for me now is:


Breakfast: 3 egg whites 1  full egg / 1 cup of peppers, 1 cup of broccoli / 1 TBS coconut oil / coffee black


Lunch: 2oz chicken/  2 cups of lettuce/ 1 cup zucchini / 1/4 avocado / handful of nuts


Snack: 2oz chicken/ 1 cup peppers


Dinner: 3-4oz chicken/ 2 cups of lettuce/ 1 cup zucchini/ 5oz sweet potato / 2 tbs olive oil


Current snack: 2 tbs almond butter / 1/4 banana


 I own a CrossFit and am always on my feet/ coaching. I participate in class 6 days a week at around 4 or 5pm.  Prior to Whole 30, I would have a shake after my workout. I am now having my snack after working out. 


What else can I do for my after dinner snack! Thank you in advance :)




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You're not eating anywhere near enough food. Have you checked out the meal template?


For breakfast, eat 3-4 whole eggs (a serving of eggs is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand).


For lunch, have a serving of chicken that is 1-2 times the length, width, and height of the palm of your hand. Eat half the avocado. You might want some heartier vegetables there too -- lettuce especially is just not terribly satiating.


If you eat enough at breakfast and lunch you probably won't need that snack. If you do need a snack there, have some protein, fat, and vegetables.


Again for supper, 1-2 palm-sized pieces of chicken. The sweet potato is a good addition.


If you need a snack after dinner, try to have protein, fat, and vegetables. Have your fruit with a meal -- it's less likely to cause blood sugar spikes, and less likely to leave you craving sweets if that's something you struggle with.


When you work out, have at least a post-workout meal of a few bites of lean protein and a little bit of starchy vegetables, very soon after your workout -- some people have it before they even shower after their workout, but within 45 minutes or so. Here's more explanation of the post-workout meal. This is in addition to your three meals a day. If you need something before you work out, have a pre-workout meal of some fat and protein. Again, this is in addition to the three meals.


Right now, if you're hungry, have some combination of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three.

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I am not a whole30 expert. But do you only eat chicken? In everyting you can eat might be something you need. B1 in pork is an example. Iron and vitamine D in liver. Omega 3 in de fat of grassfed bisons. Fytonutrients in de coloured veggies. I am sort of a bookkeeper if it comes to miconutrients. But I also think it makes my meals so much tasier. Good luck! 

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