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Sensitive Stomach after whole30

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Hi guys,

i finished my first whole 30 in april and since then have been re introducing food that i used to eat before in my regime.


Earlier i could binge how much ever i wanted and my stomach will remain strong but nowadays it seems anytime i go off track and eat junk my stomach revolts.


I ate nachos and some chocolate biscuits yesterday and my stomach refuses to be ok with it.


Has this happened to anybody else?





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Did you follow the reintroduction protocol to see what foods cause you problems? It could be any number of ingredients in the nachos or the chocolate biscuits...

Pre whole30 your gut would have developed a protective mucosal layer to try & ease the pain of any inflammation. Removing the anti-inflammatory foods allows the gut to heal meaning the mucosal layer is no longer required and so post Whole30 when we eat foods that we can't tolerate the pain in our gut tells us right away...

If you *didn't* carry out a proper reintroduction of the off limit foods then I'd suggest going back to Whole30 eating for maybe two weeks and then follow the correct protocol so that going forward you can make informed decisions about what off limit foods will be worth it for you.



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