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My menstrual cycle and cervical fluid changed


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Hey ladies I just wanted to share how my cycle changed this month to  put out another testimonial of what I think is a diet related change.  My periods over the past 6 months or so were usually 31 days, though I had a 29 and 32 day cycle in recent months.  I have started to pay attention to cervical mucus as I am curious when I actually ovulate.  I usually got a small amount of fertile mucus on day 16 or 18 of my cycle in the past.


In April I did the whole 30 and conveniently enough my period began on April 1st.  So I could track both my whole 30 and my menstrual cycle, all which began on April 1.  (awesome timing right!)


Well anyway, on April 12 in the morning (day 12 of whole 30 and cycle day 12) I just reached down randomly while getting dressed and I was totally wet down there and a very large clump of clear stretchy fluid came out and I swear it stretched out for more than 4 inches as far as my fingers could stretch apart.  I was completely shocked.  I had never seen that much fluid before and I was shocked that it was 6 days earlier than usual!  It made me really curious about when I would start my period.  I guessed if I then ovulated the next day on day 13 of the cycle and the luteal phase is about 14 days I could get my period as early as April 27. But then I thought, well just because I got cervical mucus today might not mean I will ovulate within the next 24 hours...so who knows!  


But sure enough on April 27 I started lightly spotting and April 28 my period came.  This left me with a total cycle of only 27 days in April!  I couldn't believe it. Four days shorter than previous cycles  I wonder if the whole 30 both shortened my cycle and increased my fertility (the increased mucus amount) I felt totally awesome even though a little freaked out because my SO and I use only condoms and cycle tracking for birth control.  Though I am still learning my cycle and fertility signs so that is not a real reliable method yet.  Nonetheless it is totally fascinating and interesting to me. 

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