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My Whole30 Accomplishments


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I just completed my first Whole30 and I am so proud of what I have accomplished.


I didn't break up with my scale completely, but I am a lot better off than I was before this. This will continue to be a work in progress, and I am okay with that.


My clothes are looser, my skin glows, and I can't remember ever sleeping this well! 


Some other things that I wasn't expecting are that I have learned so many new recipes and I am much more proficient in the kitchen than I was before. This is AWESOME! Getting to the root of this, this means that I ENJOY cooking, and it doesn't take as much time as it did when I first started. It no longer feels like a burden. I wake up two hours before work now instead of 30 minutes and rushing to leave. My days fill so much fuller. 


I've also learned that everyone else can do what they want, and that I can do what I want. We don't have to follow the same diet in order to get along. My significant other can eat the healthy pulled pork on a sandwich bun if that's his choice. There is no need to stare at it and wonder what it would taste like because I don't need that. It's so empowering. I can also sit at a bar on  Friday and drink club soda and lime without feeling like I am left out. People enjoy my company, not my drinking. 


I found new hobbies. Since I am up so early, I go to the farmers market on the weekends and walk around and enjoy myself. I even started going hiking.


I'm in sales, and had the best month ever this past month. 


I have tried so many diets. This has by far been the 'strictest', but the most enjoyable. Since there is no gray area, it made my life a lot easier. 


I wanted to post this so that I am accountable with myself. Eating healthy is not about losing weight. It was when I started, but the improvements in my life have been tremendous in so many ways. At the end of Whole30, the weight is the last thing I am looking at and saying congrats on. 

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