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Blue's Whole 30 Log


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Day 1: Monday 5/2


Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled in ghee, steamed broccoli, 4 strawberries, 1/4 red pepper, black coffee

Lunch - large salad, olives, chicken, lime juice & olive oil, baby tomatoes, dry roasted pistachios

Dinner - steak, roasted veggies (olive oil), oven duck fat fries with truffle salt, 1/2 banana


Day 2: Tuesday 5/3


Breakfast - leftover steak, roasted veggies, and duck fat fries, black coffee

Lunch - duck fat fries, 2 eggs in brown butter ghee, apple, blueprint green juice, coconut butter

Dinner - Basil-Avocado Baked Salmon (paleo mom), Roasted Carrot Sticks & Chive Aioli (wholelifefullsoul)

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blueprint green juice

Hey there


Whilst this is technically compliant we'd really encourage you to chew your food rather than drink it as the satiety signals from liquid differ greatly to those received from solid food as it's the act of chewing which kick starts the production of digetsive enzymes so by drinking your food you're more likely to feel hungrier sooner...

Those duck fat fries sound awesome by the way!!

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