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Only one week to go...


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I only have 1 week remaining in my first W30. I'm doing so well and feeling so good, but have a weekend ahead of me that is making me nervous.


Two of my close friends and I run/walk 5Ks together during the Spring, Summer, Fall 5K season. This weekend is the Blacklight Run near Seattle, so I'll be away from the safe haven of my home for at least 5-6 meals. I live in Portland and will be taking the train to Seattle so have limited capacity for packing pre-made meals.


Does anyone have an good ideas for keeping on track?


I've already told both friends about W30 and they're both terrifically supportive and have reassured me that we'll eat out only at places where I can be assured of staying on track. But I'm still worried, especially since we tend to eat erratically when we're together. I'm hoping to convince them to cook in for at least 2 meals and will offer to do the cooking.


Am I worried for no reason? I've just come so far and done so well that it would absolutely suck to have to start over.



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Maybe take some emergency foods (I like Epic bars) in case you do get to a point you need to have a snack, you have one (or canned fish/olives/w30 approved stuff) and don't be afraid to call ahead anywhere they want to eat to see if there's anything you can eat. It's doable and it's great your friends are wanting to help you stay on track.

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