Amazing coconut milk!

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I just discovered THE BEST coconut milk!

It has two ingredients: coconut milk and water. No guar gum! BUT, despite that, it is the thickest and creamiest coconut milk I have ever seen. I put a can in the fridge - usually when I do that the cream that rises to the top is about an inch or so and the rest of the can is water. With this, almost the whole can was cream! I whipped it up and it was a great whipped cream texture.


The brand is Golden Star and for those of you who keep kosher, it is chaf-K. I've found it at Safeway and Tom Thumb (Randall's might also have it, I think those 3 stores typically carry the same products).





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I get one like this in Australia, Ayam brand.


If it comes in Coconut Milk, you might want to look for the same brand in Coconut Cream (if they have one).

It's much thicker, much less water and higher in fat.

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