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Day 23 and still waiting for the energy


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I'm on Day 23 and still suffering from low energy. I'm not working at the moment and have lots of free time and not as much as stress as I would normally have with cooking and shopping while being compliant. I exercise 3x times a week (hour bootcamp) with maybe two days of an additional 3-5 mile run. I sleep like a log but I always have. I just still don't have any energy even on non workout days. Here is my meal today and pretty similar every day give or take.

Eggs (2) spinach and 2 sausages cooked in cocunut oil (B)

Pure wrap filled with tuna,celery onion, homemade mayo, lettuce, tomato and few slices of avacado (


Snack - Peach (ran 5 miles before lunch and felt I needed something additional

Chicken breast, spinach carrots. (D)

I drink lots of water.

I am loving this new way of eating except for the lack of energy.

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