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Whole30 #2

Colleen Roy

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We've managed to be mostly compliant since ending our first whole30 at the end of July. We've kept our off-roading to the weekends and haven't gone TOO crazy with them. But, I just wasn't feeling great-and with the start of the school year, I'm feeling the need to be more organized and plan my meals. I'm much more inclined to make good choices if the food is in the fridge and ready to go than when it's not.

So, I decided that we are going to do another whole30-started yesterday. I'm a little surprised by how tired I was at the end of school today! Must be coming down off my carb overload from the weekend. Came home and watched Ellen, then fell asleep on the couch for 30 minutes!

I decided not to go out for a drink (water with lemon) with a friend-Tuesday is our night to get together-obviously I'm tired and need to get to bed early tonight!

So, the training wheels are back on. :)

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