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Day 1 May 5


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I have a friend who works at a treatment center.  He says patients arrive all messed up on drugs and alcohol knowing it may be their last, they over indulge.  Well, that's me.  Had a colonoscopy today.  Easy food reentry with two eggs and a piece of toast. But late afternoon binged on smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and crackers topped off by ice cream and brownies.  Needless to say, my stomach HURTs.  I am so hopeful that this new way of eating will get rid of my GERD (acid reflux) and arthritis.  I made a post-it note that reads: "Remember how much your stomach hurt after ice cream and brownies."  Other than the brownies, ice cream and cream cheese, I did a huge clean out of pantries, fridge and freezer.  The brownies, etc are in the garbage now and I am psyched to begin tomorrow.  Did a huge two-store run for groceries yesterday so I'd have plenty of WHOLE30 approved food in the house.  Here goes...

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