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RXBARS to eat or not to eat?


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Hey All!

On day 11 here! I just bought the Whole30 pack of RXBars on their website. I originally saw they were OK, not as a dessert or a "sweat treat" but for an emergency snack or a post work out snack. Is this truth? Their website says: 


Can I eat this during my Whole30?
Yes (but not as a dessert replacement or sugar craving quencher!)
What does Melissa say about RXBARs during the Whole30?
“As an on-the-go or emergency food? Yes. As a replacement for your mid-day sugar boost, daily late-night treat, or to satisfy your Day 3 raging Sugar Dragon? Although it’s not a Whole30 rule, we'd strongly suggest no.”


I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing for my husband and I! 

Thank you all very much!

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Keep them for emergencies -- like, your boss suddenly makes you stay a couple hours late at work and you have no other food available, or you're stuck in traffic that's going to delay you getting home to eat dinner by an hour or more. Throw them in your carry on if you're flying somewhere, in case of travel delays and lack of compliant options at the airport or on the plane. Don't eat them every day, don't have them for dessert. They're sweet, they could easily make you crave more sweets, despite having egg whites and nuts, they're not really a balanced meal since they have no vegetables.

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