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What is causing sugar cravings??

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Hello everyone,

I "finished" my first whole 30 on Tuesday and up to just about the end, things went great. I felt good, had energy and really enjoyed my meals. I really felt like eating this way fueled my body in a way I've never felt before.

On day 29 I ate at a restaurant and although they claimed they honored my requests I'm not so sure. Salad dressing tasted very sweet although I most things taste sweeter than they use to. They said it was balsamic and olive oil. Also might have been dusting of something non whole 3o on my cod-- maybe breadcrumb although waiter said there was not.

Reintroduced legumes on wenesday with no sugar added organic peanut butter and chick peas. Over the last few days after I eat dinner-- I feel my blood sugar drop or something. I get a tired feeling that I got in the afternoons or evenings before I started whole 30. I did have a little fruit both times which probably wasn't the right thing to do. That fuZzy feeling went away as soon as I ate the fruit. ( I did get my period today, in case that makes a difference)

I would be so grateful for your advice.


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...I did get my period today, in case that makes a difference...


You've hit the nail on the head.


During menstruation, a woman’s serotonin levels are at their lowest, carbs increase the availability of tryptophan so craving carbs in the run up to, and during your period, is totally natural. It may mean that you are low in serotonin and that your body wants to make more of it, but this is normal at this stage of your cycle too.
In technical terms during the mid-luteal phase when estrogen dominates, the potential for glycogen storage is maximized so for around two weeks before your period, your muscles are primed to accept and store carbohydrate as energy (rather than as fat). In the western world we normally respond to these cravings with chocolate, cookies & candy but these don;t really deliver which perpetuates the carving cycle. In whole30 (& in real) terms we should be feeding our bodies healthy sources of carbs - sweet potatoes, white potatoes, squash, etc.

If this is the only time you're having cravings then you're in a good place because these physiologically normal and expected.

Hope this helps  :)

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