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My birthday present to myself!


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Mother's Day is also my 50th birthday!  So the next day I will be gifting myself and my husband with the Whole30.  27 years of marriage and two active sons led to us taking less care of ourselves.  I cook healthy meals but we always have lots of snacks on hand, go out and grab not so healthy meals when we have had a really busy day, enjoy a few cocktails, and don't workout like we used to.  I don't sleep well, we both have cravings that are not good for us, I feel run down a lot, etc.  After hearing about this program I knew I needed to do it.  I only need to lose about 5 pounds so I'm not doing it for weight loss.  I'm doing this for my overall health!  I worried about taking on this challenge because my husband has always said he wants to try to eat better, etc. but then he is never willing to go the full route of things to avoid.  Plus, I always had to do all the work and planning and lead him every step of the way.  That's tough to do when I still have children to care for as well.  Well, after he looked at my copy of the Whole30 he committed to do it as well. In fact, he is really looking forward to it.  He's not thrilled about giving up his nightly martini, but he made the commitment!  He said this is exactly what he has been needing.  I know it won't be easy.  I know there will be days where I am exhausted and want to grab a quick meal but can't.  But I can't wait!  Here's to my 50th and an even better 51!!!

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