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Need to get back on track!


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Did a Whole45 starting last August, and felt better than I ever have! Strutting around in size 4 suits at work and feeling like a zillion bucks. I never did a reintroduction phase properly, but have kept up the diet 90% of the time now for nearly a year! But a Friday afternoon glass of wine has slid into nightly beers on our sunny deck, handfuls of cheezies and chips, and generally getting sloppy. My pants are tight and I feel cranky and my face looks blotchy. Time to get back on track here. I don't know why it's been so hard to psych myself up for a second round, but it's time!

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Good for you for noticing the signs that you need to take care of your health. 


I did my first W30 March of this year and treated myself to a blizzard for a job well done...you can see where this is going, Right? My hubby and I started another one this month and I am hell bent on doing a proper reintroduction to make sure I know what my triggers are and can get them under control. 

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