Scared to stray from Whole30

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I finished the Whole30 about a week ago and tried to re-introduce dairy products into my diet (the whole reason for doing it). I re-introduced one serving of dairy per day for about 3 days when I started heading in the wrong direction. I didn't feel any ill effects from the dairy like I thought I would, so I figured I'd "try" something else- and that lead to a downhill spiral into my old eating habits.


A few days ago it all caught up to me, I felt overwhelmingly tired... I've been getting 8 hours of quality sleep and nothing has changed in my workout routine but that sleepy feeling last all day long. Since then, I have cut out all dairy and non-compliant foods and am back on track (I'm on day 2). 


Bottom line: I am scared to stray from Whole 30. I know there will come a time when I want to have a drink with my friends or have a slice of pizza, but I don't want to make myself feel this bad again. Am I stuck eating like this for the rest of my life? How do I create balance without feeling adverse effects? 

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The best way to create balance is to do the whole re-introduction period... then you know what is worth it and what isn't... obviously dairy isn't worth it if it's making you feel bad and it could be the 'gateway drug' to off road spiraling for you... 


Straying from Whole30 IS scary as we have to take responsibility for ourselves instead of leaning on hard and fast rules, but you know that the Whole30 is always here for you so anytime you feel yourself slipping, come right on back and we'll prop you back up... 

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