Help! Need new BBQ sauce recipe

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Hi guys. This is my first post! My husband and I are starting day 8 of our first whole 30! We are pretty darn proud of ourselves for getting this far. I have the whole 30 cookbook and have been cooking various recipes all week and so far we LOVE every one of them, except....the BBQ sauce. I made the baby back ribs for Mother's Day last night and made the BBQ sauce to go along with it. The flavor was ok but the texture was, well, ICK. Not even close to a BBQ sauce texture, just couldn't stomach it. The sweet potatoes just give it a weird texture and no matter how much liquid I added to it, it wouldn't go away. Neither one of us care to eat our ribs dry, any other ideas? We ended up just dipping it in balsamic glaze (thickened balsamic vinegar) which was ok but I really would like to find a decent recipe that we can use regularly. Thank you!

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I've made this berry BBQ sauce once with peaches and once with blueberries, and both times it was amazing! (Just remember to omit the honey, I sub about 3/4 cup chopped dates instead and with the peaches I added about 1/4 cup apple sauce.) I do only use 1/4 of an onion though because that onion flavor is strong! You can use the immersion blender to puree it until you get the texture you like.


If you like chipotle flavoring, this one is also excellent, a little more spicy than sweet. And it's easier because there is no cooking or heating involved, just tossing things together in a bowl and stirring. :)

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