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Mary Jo's Whole30 Log

Mary Hess

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Day 1:

8:00 am Breakfast consisted of 2 eggs scrambled with coconut oil spray.  I added onions, green pepper, and deli ham (Whole30 Compliant).  I also had an avocado and one small orange (like a Cutie).  One cup of black coffee.  That was a first for me.  I am going to have to get used to no creamer.   I felt full but not stuffed.  I noticed that I craved something sweet.


1:00 pm Lunch was butter and romaine lettuce with deli ham and fresh pico.  I also had a handful of strawberries.  Now that I look at that, I didn't have any fat at lunch, but since I ate a whole avocado at breakfast, maybe that's okay.


Dinner will be either chicken or steak tonight, grilled.  I plan on eating a sweet potato and a small salad.

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