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My 30 Day Plan--Planned Ahead This Time!

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Last time I tried Whole30, I overcomplicated things and ended up quitting at day 6. This time around, I took a week ahead of time to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinners for the next 30 days. Thought I would share. Any input is appreciated. :) Some of the recipes I reference I have pinned here: https://www.pinterest.com/heartoverflows/whole30/


*-prepped ahead of time on cooking day--the day after I grocery shop 


Breakfast options (posted on cabinet for quick reference):

I will be cooking more vegetable side than is needed every night at dinner so I will have vegetables available for the next morning. 

-2 fried eggs w/ hash browns, caramelized onions, and leftover veggies from night before

-Breakfast burger (patty* piled with lettuce, tomato, avocado, fried egg, prosciutto)

-Homemade turkey sausage* with diced onion and peppers, avocado, and sweet potato

-Salmon* with veggie side, hash browns, and small fruit salad

-Chicken apple sausage*, with fried egg, homemade guacamole*, and bell peppers


Lunch options (posted on cabinet for quick reference): 


-Chicken salad (chicken, homemade mayo, apple, grapes, sunflower seeds)*, with large side salad

-Chicken Apple sausage* with leftover veggies, baked potato, side salad

-Shrimp and sausage skillet*

-Salmon patties* w/ salad and leftover veggies 

-Large protein salad (spring mix with deli turkey, hard boiled eggs, avocado, potentially any meat leftover from meals that week)

-Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats* with a side salad


Dinners, divided up by weeks, will decide each day which I will be cooking, as I always do. All meals will have accompanying vegetables (either steamed or sauteed crisp tender--depending on what I find at the grocery store fresh), plus a side salad. Some meals will also have a baked potato or baked sweet potato. You will not see red meat in any of these plans, as they are a massive trigger for my husband's gout and we cut out red meat 3 or 4 years ago.


Days 1-5: Kebabs (chicken & shrimp with zucchini, bell peppers, and onions), grilled pork chops, blackened chicken w/ avocado crema, lemon pepper chicken, leftovers (church night, kids will have sandwiches and soup).


Days 6-12: Chicken tacos (using lettuce in place of tortilla), baked artichoke chicken & asparagus, hamburgers (I'll do a stack instead of bun), grilled chicken, salmon patties, taco nachos (using bell peppers for the chips), spaghetti zoodles with meatballs.


Days 13-19: Roasted chicken, fajitas, turkey sausage with sweet potato and caramelized onions, hobo burgers (foil wrapped patties with vegetables, baked), pork carnitas, shrimp stir fry (with zoodles for me, rice for everyone else), grilled pork chops.


Days 20-26: Pina colada chicken, Chicken tacos, kebabs, grilled salmon, cilatro lime chicken with avocado salsa, italian pork roast, leftovers for me/sandwiches and soup for everyone else.


Days 27-30: Hamburers, Spaghetti zoodles with meatballs, chicken tenders, salmon patties 


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Your lists are awesome.  I'm starting Day 11 and I feel great. Planning is exactly what I've started to do in case the cravings hit. The real key is that when you cook, you can't just make one meal.  It try to make at least two, with something left over to toss in a salad or stir fry the next day.


If you are in a baking mood, egg frittatas in individual muffin tins are great.  I add anything I have, cooked chopped veggies, salmon, chicken.... They freeze well and 2 make a great meal. 

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The real key is that when you cook, you can't just make one meal.

So much this! Over-cooking is so essential I think it should be a rule. I see so many people get burnt out and feeling overwhelmed either because they feel like they are chopping veggies and cooking and cleaning all day, or they had a stressful day and don't feel like cooking anything and stare at the fridge or want to hit a drive-thru on the way home ...

It is so much easier to just make a little extra while the dishes are already dirty, the pan's already hot, etc. Modern refrigeration and heating technology is amazing! Food keeps all week!

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Tonight is church night for my big kids and golf night for my husband. I'm going to prep some things ahead of time while they are gone. Church night is easy dinner night, so there won't be much clean up for that, just whatever I make for future meals. I also picked up the supplies to make mayo, so I can throw together avocado salsa deviled eggs to go with meals. I really feel he push now to plan and cook ahead, as my 11 year old has decided to join me on Whole30 starting tomorrow (decided on her own, even)!

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