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Started my Whole30 today!


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I have been prepping for a few weeks, got my house cleaned out, my husband on board, and I think I'm ready! I am currently on an appetite suppressant prescribed by my doctor (only three month periods are allowed at a time) which will be over next week. So far today I have had a hard time eating everything I planned to eat which is according to the meal planning guide. I'm curious how I will make the transition next week but I just couldn't wait any longer to get started, I am seriously excited about the potential this program has!! We shopped yesterday and did some prep, I have every meal planned out for this week, and my fridge is stocked. At first I was reading a lot of blogs about it, but I just seemed to find so many things that were not in the spirit of the program according to the book, It Starts With Food. So I plan to do my very very best at not taking the easy way around and I'm pretty good at setting a goal and sticking with it but the journey to better health is a long and strenuous road! I've shared about it quite a bit on social media and have some other friends/family members doing it too so I think I have followed all the suggested steps. I took my weight and measurements today, will be hard to get through 30 days without checking on that... but I can do it. So glad this resource is here and I wish everyone else the best of luck! :D

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