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I'm back, and ready to conquer the month!


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Hey Everyone,

  I wanted to post here for accountability and social purposes.  I love getting new ideas and sharing my own!  I'm open to any all questions and feedback, so please feel free!


This would technically be my 3rd round with a whole 90 completed last year.  I started yesterday, and it went as well as it could have.  I did have random cravings, but I knew to expect that.  I'm also typically the person who is incredibly motivated by change and embarking on new goals, so I guess I'm not surprised it went relatively smoothly.


During past Whole30's I have discovered that I do fine alllllll day long, but I am the token evening snacker.  I can have eaten a fully satisfying dinner and be full, but still think about what other "treats" I should have.  The things that have helped me in that arena are:


  • Starting out the day with a BIG, well balanced breakfast
  • Eating slowly at each meal (but especially at dinner) and learning to really taste my food and appreciate the time I spend nourishing and fueling my body
  • Truly honoring my body's hunger signals


Over time, I definitely got to a point where three meals were beyond satisfying, but as I got to be more familiar with the program, I stressed less over "snacking" as long as I wasn't indulging in non-compliant foods and was making my snacks well balanced with protein, carbs and fat.  (I should add that my job requires me to be incredibly active and I work out on my own at least 5 days a week, so sometimes if I have an urge to snack, I honor it because I just may NEED more food.)  It's all a learning process, and I've come to understand that the same thing doesn't work for everyone.  However, the key is to be consistent.  Consistency is easy if you develop habits and a routine that work for you, right? :) That's what I'll be working to do this time around; strengthen old habits, and regain the ones that have disappeared.  Looking forward to getting back to a point where I can truly honor my hunger, and the messages my body is trying to send!



I've attached a few pictures of some recent meals; my proudest accomplishment being my breakfast bowl:


1 mashed banana

1 scoop cauliflower mash

1 tbsp ground flax

1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

1 tbsp chia seeds


I topped mine with sliced strawberries, but other ideas I had that sounded good would be:


a dollup of full fat coconut milk

almond butter

mixed berries

walnuts, almonds, cashews

1 cup egg whites






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I know you're a repeat visitor and you said you welcome feedback, so I have to ask - no protein in the breakfast bowl


I see plenty of fat (chia, flax & coconut), and a little veg, but no protein...

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I know you're a repeat visitor and you said you welcome feedback, so I have to ask - no protein in the breakfast bowl


I see plenty of fat (chia, flax & coconut), and a little veg, but no protein...



Thanks for your feedback!   I saw that it got pushed down to the end of my post, but that's where the egg whites come in;  I did used those this time.... plenty of protein there!  AND it helps it get nice and fluffy in the microwave. ;)


It could definitely use more veggies!  Although if I had to guess, there was probably a cup of mashed cauliflower.  Thinking about adding a grated zucchini next time!

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Hey All!


Day 4, and I am tirrrreeeedddd and irritable, which I suppose is to be expected.  I think I'll start journaling my food here.  Caveat though:  the last few days have been incredibly simple meals.  Because of my workouts and lacking energy, I've been eating 4 meals a day. 


Day 3:

1: Compliant chicken sausage, a few handfuls sautéed spinach, 1/3 sweet potato, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites

2: Chicken thigh w/ nomnompaleo's Damn fine chicken marinade, green beans, 1/2 sweet potato, about 25-30 sugar snap pea pods

3: Can of tuna with 1/2 mashed avocado and hot sauce, 1/3 sweet potato, 10 more snap peas, honeydew and cantaloupe

4: Chicken breast, 1/2 sweet potato, green beans, butternut squash, sweet potato - cooked in olive oil and with ghee on top


Day 4:

1: Breakfast bowl again: cauliflower mash, grated zucchini, egg whites, shredded coconut, flax, banana, blueberries


And my plan for the rest of the day:

2: Egg whites with almond butter on top (don't knock it til you try it! :P) and 1/2 banana

3: Ground turkey, green beans, broccoli, w/ hot sauce

4: Chicken thigh w/ same marinade, green beans, 1/2 sweet potato w/ ghee, honeydew and cantelope



Hoping I get some energy back soon!

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Day 5:

1: Compliant chicken sausage, 1 egg, 1/2 cup egg whites, green beans, sautéed mushrooms and 1/3 of a sweet potato - breakfast is everything to me! :wub:

Prior to that I had an awesome workout...I was hunnngggrrry.


2: Egg whites (I let them cook in the pan like a pancake) and top them with almond butter and banana slices.  I ate 1/2 a cucumber with this.


Planned for the rest of the day:


3: Chicken breast, green beans, roasted butternut squash w/ ghee

4: I concocted this randomly and made the sauce last night...it's delicious!  Ground turkey over zucchini and sweet potato (noodles) with a cilantro lime (cauliflower based) cream sauce.


I took 1/2 and avocado, probably about a cup of mashed cauliflower, juice from 1 lime, some lemon garlic Flavorgod seasoning, 1 small yellow onion and a few pinches of cilantro and tossed it in the food processor.  Seriously, so random, but so good!  Might be even better to add some full fat coconut milk next time.  Can't wait to eat this!

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