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Compliant dinners out in SF

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My family was in town this weekend and my husband and I ended up eating out with them every night Friday-Sunday.


I thought I'd share where we went and what we had for anyone interested in planning meals out in the city.


Alfred's steakhouse: (near the Hilton/Portsmouth Square, 3 hours validated parking in the Hilton garage!) All steaks are compliant. We had oysters and prawns for an appetizer. Side dishes were the asparagus (I believe without any modification) and broccoli with no sauce, both were excellent! Good black coffee while everyone else had dessert.


Bel Campo: (Russian Hill, Polk & Pacific) Ribeyes were the only compliant entree, steak tartare (without the chips) the only compliant appetizer and the market salad the only veggie/side. They were all good, but lack of selection was a bummer. The meat counter had bone broth available! (not on the restaurant menu)


John's Grill: (Ellis & Market) We got Sam's Lamb Chops, they serve the potato with nothing added and bring butter/sour cream to the table, and the side veggies are steamed plain. They also had a couple steaks. All the seafood had either a butter or wine sauce, but I'm betting they would prepare them naked if asked.


Hope that's helpful for SF diners :)

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