Backpacking during my Whole30 - what to eat?


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I start my Whole30 tomorrow!


Looking ahead, I have a weekend backpacking trip near the end of my Whole30. I didn't want to put off my Whole30 just because of this trip, because I backpack and camp a lot in the summer. Because then this would happen.


The trip would begin on a Friday evening and finish Sunday evening. Probably will look like this...


Friday: Drive to location, camp by the car Friday evening in order to hike out Saturday morning

Saturday: Hike, camp away from car Saturday evening

Sunday: Hike, arrive back to the car before sunset, drive home in the car


Any advice on meal ideas for a backpacking trip where you want to pack very light and won't be carrying around coolers?  

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the easiest way to search this forum (where this discussion has been had multiple times at length) is to use google.

You can put 'whole30' plus your topic into google...

try the following:

whole30 picnic

whole30 brown bag lunch

whole30 backpacking

whole30 camping

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I wonder if that couple ever did their hike...?

Oh my gosh, I'd never seen that thread before... would be fun to hear if they did!  I can't imagine what an amazing accomplishment that would be!

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