Ideas for Easy Lunch/Dinner for Someone with a Crazy Schedule


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Hello and thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I'm a theatre/film critic, so to say my schedule is crazy would be an understatement. I don't remember the last time I was home anytime before 11PM, which makes dinner my toughest meal of the day when it comes to sticking to the Whole30. I'm currently on my 9th day and have been having dinner when I get home which is a bit too late I think.

A "normal" day for me looks like:


5:30 AM Coffee + pre-workout food 

8AM Post workout food

7-8 AM Workout (sometimes I move the workout to 9AM which allows for a better breakfast at 7AM)

1PM Lunch

Office work through 6PM, I've been good at writing without munching on things, no gum is killing me though.
7-11PM Usually at a performance/movie
11PM - Dinner

I know I'm not sleeping enough, but I'm working on fixing that too, so food ideas are my biggest concern now ;) 

Anyway, I need some ideas so I could have dinner between 6-7PM, ideally they should be things that don't need refrigeration, don't leak much/at all, don't get soggy, don't require a can opener, are easy to pack and take with me anywhere. I know bars are frowned upon, so I was thinking tomatoes, chicken breast, nuts? I'm truly blank with dinner and I feel if I ace this, completing the program will be a breeze. 

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Pouches of tuna or salmon would work, chicken breast as you mentioned. Snap peas, bell pepper slices, carrots, cold cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes. I've eaten cooked green beans cold straight out of the fridge, even, so a lot depends on your tolerance for eating leftovers without reheating them. Olives would be a good fat source to carry with you that wouldn't need to be refrigerated.


If you were up for carrying a small cooler (they have some that look like large purses or tote bags now), you could have even more variety. Or if you can leave something in a fridge while you're in the office all day, and then just pull it out to take with you when you leave, you'd have more leeway too -- mayo that had been in the fridge all day (like in a tuna or potato salad), and then was only out of the fridge an hour before you ate it is more doable than mayo that's had to sit at room temperature all day.

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I've certainly found planning ahead is the key. I'm on Day 11 and feel great!  I'm in my studio without a fridge most of the day. I get out and walk a few times, but there are no stores around.


Here's what I do:  I'll make the ingredients for a fritatta, eggs, spinach, onions, really whatever I have on hand that is compliant and bake them in muffin tins.  Then, I pop them in the freezer. When it's time to eat, they are room temperature, and 2 make a great meal.

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