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October Whole30 - One Day at a Time


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So this is day three, and I have been so influenced by other posts on this Forum. However, I didn't realize I could post on my same post daily (I'm REALLY new to the whole online blog thing).

Anyway - day three and doing ok. Yesterday wasn't pleasant, with the poptart scents, hunger pangs while making my husband's dinner, and late night craving for something sweet, but it turned out ok.

I just got It Starts With Food in the mail and was really struck by the straight dope on dopamine. I never understood any of this before, but the actual giddy feeling I'd have when I was in the car on the way to get something sweet, before I'd even had it! Then when I did get it and started scarfing it down, the rush of emotion. How crazy? Such an eye opener. Science or not, I can relate to those thoughts and emotions, which helps me feel connected and realize this complete change in my relationship with food does not have to be done alone, in fact, I know I am not capable of success alone.

Anyway, I'm working on variety with my meals so I don't get bored, and I was wondering if dried Plantains are ok? I didn't buy them, but I found some that had the ingredients : Plantains, Palm Oil, and Sea Salt. I wasn't sure if that was ok or not....

Thank you, all, and best of luck as we continue through today the Whole30 way!

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