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I did it! I'm done! 30 days of clean eating and I survived to tell about it. I stumbled across the Whole30 Instagram page nearly a year ago. I initially researched it, thought I should give it a try, but having never done a diet before I decided that Whole30 was too restricted for me. After my weight reached an all time high at the beginning of April and I was constantly bloated after eating, I decided this was it. I had to give it a try. So, on Sunday the 10th I started my first round of meal prep and Day 1 of Whole30. 


Truthfully, Whole30 was much easier than I anticipated. Maybe it's because I gave myself ten days to mentally prepare myself before I started or my supportive boyfriend (who quit drinking and never complained about a meal I made).  I never experienced the hangover or the kill all things stage. I had a slight headache for a day or two, and come day 6 and 7 I was exhausted, but those were the only negative effects I felt. In regards to the food itself, I found it very easy to stick to the three meals a day with snacks to start. I cut those out during week two, when I realized that I wasn't hungry in between meals (that's what eating whole, nutritious food does to you  ;) ). The most surprising part of this whole experience for me is that, with a few exceptions (movie date), I didn't crave the junk I was used to eating. 


At the end of Whole30 I had lost a total of 7.5 pounds, which brought my weight to the lowest it has been in at least a year. But more importantly, I gained a healthy relationship with food and lost the horrible relationship that I had with my scale. Two weeks in and I could tell that my body was changing and my clothes were fitting better. I also have had many non-scale victories: brighter skin, no more puffy face, more energy, slayed my sugar dragon, the embarrassing eczema on my hands and elbows is COMPLETELY gone, significantly less bloating, and better sleep. 


Yesterday was day 1 of the fast track reintroduction and it went pretty well. After reintroduction my plan is to keep my meals Whole30 complaint, but indulge in snacks from time to time (this girl loves popcorn and ice cream). Whole30 has changed my life and I have shared my experience with close friends and family. Some have decided to give it a try while others tell me 'I could never do that'. And from my own experience I know that they can, but they have to be ready and willing to change. 


Thanks for reading! Check out my before and after pictures! 



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