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Extreme Nausea and Stomach Pain

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Hello all!


I am on day 11 of my first ever Whole30. Since day 2 I have experienced extreme nausea. I haven't vomited but have definitely had an upset stomach everyday, for most of the day.


What I've eaten the past few days are below. Any insight is greatly appreciated as I would like to start feeling good.


My water intake is anywhere from 72 to 96 oz. I am pouring myself one cup of black coffee around 8:00 am but have yet to actually finish a cup (usually finish about half).


Monday, 5/9

Breakfast (6:30 am): 2 salted hard boiled eggs, 2 sausage (made from ground turkey) patties, 4 cherry tomatoes, 8 grapes

Lunch (11:30 am): 2 cups of the chicken primavera from the Whole30 book, (I had two side of veggies too but am totally drawing a blank of what they were) 

Snack (4:30 pm): RxBar

Dinner (6:15 pm): Melissa's Chicken Hash from the Whole30 book - only a few bites because the nausea was pretty strong

Note: nausea started around 4:30 pm and continued until about 9:00 pm


Yesterday, 5/10

Breakfast (6:30 am): 3 salted hard boiled eggs, 4 cherry tomatoes, 8 grapes

Lunch (11:30 am): Strip steak, 1 cup of sweet potatoes, .5 cup broccoli

Snack (4:15 pm): Apple and Larabar

Dinner (8:00 pm): 10 shrimp, salad - 50/50 spring mix, tomato, diced peppers, half an avocado

Note: nausea started a couple hours after lunch and continued into the night around 9 pm it was stomach pain until I went to bed (around 10:00 pm)



Breakfast (6:30 am): 4 salted hard boiled eggs, 2 cherry tomatoes, 8 grapes

Lunch (12:00 pm): Carnitas bowl from Chipotle (carnitas - double meat, guacamole, pico de gallo, romaine lettuce) (this is my first time eating out since beginning Whole30)

Note: nausea started around 1:15 pm


Any insight is appreciated! Thank you in advance,


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Some nausea and/or lack of appetite is fairly common during the Whole30...

That said you mention very little in terms of fat, and you're snacking every day - the nausea could actually be hunger - I reckon if you ditched those hard boiled eggs (which are much harder to digest than say scrambled or fried due to the way the fat is altered during cooking) and try some other protein at breakfast (or a combo of say scrambled eggs & meat/fish), AND add in an additional fat source to each meal you might feel a whole lot better:

1. You'd most likely be satiated for longer

2. You'd cut out the need for the bars - which are for emergency use only by the way, and are notoriously hard on the digestive system.

ETA: Have you any pre-existing medical conditions we need to know about?

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Thank you for the replies.


No, no medical conditions. Also, have never had any issues with eating certain foods in the past. 


I have read other postings that the nausea could actually be hunger, which is why I ate the bars in the afternoon the past two days. But both times were in the car for extended times when I needed something quick and on the go and knew it would be sometime before I could have a full meal. Last week and this weekend I stuck to the 3 meals. Also, if the nausea was caused by hunger then wouldn't it subside by eating something? I've noticed that it doesn't subside even with eating something. 


I will definitely mix up my breakfast and add an additional fat source at each meal.


Thank you!

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Hi all,


I have a bit of an update. The nausea has continued.and today I actually vomited. Is any of this normal? I feel like I'm doing something very wrong. 


Here is a continuation of my meals from above...


Wednesday, 5/11

Dinner (7:30 pm): Apple with almond butter


Thursday, 5/12

Breakfast (6:30 am): 4 salted hard boiled eggs, 8 grapes

Lunch (11:30 am): Strip steak, 1 cups sweet potatoes, 1.5 cup cauliflower, handful of mixed nuts (cashews, pistachos, almonds)

Dinner (8:30 pm): Apple with almond butter

Note: Nausea began about 12:30 pm and continued through the night. around 1:30 I dry heaved a bit but didn't get sick.


Friday, 5/13

Breakfast (6:30 am): 4 salted hard boiled eggs, a few blackberries and strawberries 

Lunch (11:30 am): Taco salad - (5 oz ground turkey with paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne powder), half a tomato, spinach, guacamole

Dinner (6:30 pm): Apple with almond butter

Notes: Almost immediately upon finishing my lunch I became nauseous. It was pretty intense and around 1 pm I threw up all of the lunch I ate. I actually felt better upon vomiting but not 100.


A couple of notes. I didn't switch out hard boiled eggs because I noticed, at least in the case this week, my nausea was kicking in after lunch plus I had them and didn't want them to go to waste. Every morning this week I felt ok. I know the apple and almond butter isn't the best choice but I don't think I would have eaten since after feeling awful all day it was the only thing I could stomach and doesn't make me feel worse. I am absolutely miserable. This is day 13, and I feel I am progressively getting worse. Is this a normal part of the process or should I see a doctor? 



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You are eating a LOT of fruit and nuts... nuts are notoriously hard on the digestion and fruit can be troublesome for some people as well.

You're also perpetuating the problem by eating an apple and almond butter for dinner two nights in a row. I understand that you're not feeling well but this is not the way to get feeling better. If you feel that this is way unusual, you could go to your doctor, but my suggestion is to make template meals and then eat them... eat from them until you feel you can't stomach another bite and then wrap it up and the SECOND you think you won't throw it up, eat from it again.

It seems counterintuitive but really, if your last day of meals is anything to go by, your body is probably in starvation mode... 4 eggs, a bit of taco beef, half a tomato, some guaccamole, random bits of fruit and nuts/nut butter is not appropriate or sufficient for an adult human to eat.

Also, as I look at your inkake over the days, it's progressively getting less... and you say that you're progressively feeling worse... you might think that worse comes before eating less but really it's the lack of food that is making you feel worse and then you end up in a vicious cycle.

There's nothing else that stands out here that we can give you advice on other than to go to the doctor if you feel this is serious but take this list of meals with you... my guess is that they say the same thing...

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