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Fell off the wagon...deciding my next move

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Good Morning,


Tomorrow was a disaster. I was on Day 18 of my 2nd Whole30 and just broke down. I will not go into details, but have worked hard to move past the guilt since last night, and just needed a place for a final vent this morning. My first Whole30 was very successful, as were the first 17 days. I really enjoy eating the Whole30 template:


  • I generally feel better
  • It has helped my realize that my heart burn issues are beyond what I am eating and need to see a doctor
  • I love not having to worry about calories and other food tracking
  • It gives me a good template/guidelines when eating out with friends that actually makes things less stressful
  • I have not stepped on a scale in over 2 months!!!!!


So what to do next? I am going to get back on the wagon today, maybe not for 30 days, but because it is a way of eating that makes me feel better. Over the next week or so I am going to evaluate a long term strategy. I am thinking about just moving to a more Paleo diet/adding back in the one or two things I really miss (the occasional glass of wine). Overall though, I am struggling with how to transition into making this a lifestyle rather than just 30 days. Overall, my relationship with food has greatly improved, but still not perfect, and I still hit bumps in the road (yesterday), where I can not but on the breaks and just want to eat everything.


Does anyone else have a similar experience? What has worked for you? I know how I want to eat, and I know what is "worth it" and what things I just do not miss and have no need to add back to my diet, however, sugar can still be a powerful call.


Thoughts? Ideas? Motivational tip? Anything would be appreciated.

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Tomorrow was a disaster.

Yesterday may have been a disaster. Tomorrow will not be.


Just keep at it, one meal at a time, one day at a time. And eat more fat.


If you've done proper reintroductions and have decided what is worth it for you then there's no need to be doing another strict Whole30 - it was only meant to be for 30 days anyway.


Add back in the foods you feel are worth it. Have the odd glass of wine. But set your own personal boundaries. And each time you over step those boundaries, take a good long hard look at yourself, review your plan, have a think about why you want to eat this way, dust yourself off, take a deep breath, and step back within those boundaries again.

Not every meal has to be perfect. Heck, not even every day has to be perfect, and the longer you eat along these lines the more natural it will become & the less likely you will be to over step the boundaries again.


And remember there are no good or bad foods, only consequences.

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