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I think I finally hit the wall - hello


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Hi everyone,


I have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time, and it is entirely my own fault.  I accept full responsibility.


I commute to, work at, and commute from work from 430am to 630pm (at a minimum) every day. I sit in a chair all day long.  Work is stressful.  However, this is non negotiable.  It is what I need to do to support my family. 


I think that something inside me kind of snapped today, and I think I am sick of using this as an excuse for the other choices I make.


I have, in the past, tried to get strong (with moderate success), and lose weight (with moderate success), and bounced back and forth between various diet strategies to support both.  I have never actually hit any goals that I have set out for myself, because my goals have been nebulous and constantly changing.  I am tired of feeling terrible and being in pain, and sick of consoling myself for my lot in life and my general stress levels with 2pm cookie binges and just generally eating way too much of the wrong kinds of things.  I'm tired of feeling dissatisfied with the way my body feels and looks, and I am tired of getting winded after carrying my 2 year old up a single flight of stairs to go to bed.  I am tired of not exercising for 2 years because "my hip hurts".  I am in my 30s, not 80, and my hip only hurts because I sit down all day.  I need to get over it.


So, in the spirit of being sick of it all, and finally hitting that point where I can either NGAF, or GAF - I am making the positive choice to GAF.  In a non-obsessive, practical, and coldly analytic way, I am going to strip the pity out of my life, eat like a grownup via Whole30, and get myself into shape. I have another kid coming in a few months, and both of my kids deserve a dad who can keep up.  I deserve to be able to keep up. 


I expect there will be moments of weakness.  I am only human.  I hope I'll get some support from others here. 




  • Eat Whole30
  • Kettlebell on the near-daily until I can do 300 swings in a single round, maybe bang out a couple short trail runs on weekends
  • Sleep at least 6 hrs a night (it would be 8 but I need to get some exercise sometime)


Thanks for hearing me out.  It felt important, somehow, to write this and share.








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Awesome choice turning to Whole30! Stick to the meal template. Start your Whole30 Log in that forum and post to it often (daily if possible). I always got the best support when I needed it most. Good luck. You've got this!

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Good for you! I agree, your post is powerful. We can all relate in some way. Find support and set your date.... then go shopping! I'm only on Day 2, but it's working for me so far. I feel good having decided to commit.

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