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Good morning to All! This is my first Whole30 and I am stoked. I've been thinking about it since November/December 2016 and May 9 I went for it. I am a 48 y.o., 5 ft. 6 in. woman on 3 months sick leave for various reasons, mostly inflammation related from my perspective (biploar2, anxiety, psoriasis, IBS, GERD and now perimenopause all acting up at once and for long duration) and I am taking this time to start healing some of the food-abuse I've inflicted on it hoping to "reboot" my mind, my organs and my system. I am following the no nightshade version for the psoriasis, I eliminated them before starting the whole30, though once in a while I will have a slice of tomato or some potatoes just because I love them. Then I deal with the increased itch.

Monday when I started my morning weight was 257. **mod edit to remove scale discussion** and I just want to make sure that this can happen sometimes? I don't want to hurt myself in any way, obviously. I was a sugar maniac and ate lots of it each day in coffee, cereal, snacks, anything I wanted, and yes I had massive cravings. This week I have had no cravings, which is magnificent, and I have been able to follow the diet easily despite having lots of junk foods in the house (I don't live alone). I'm not an imaginative eater either, somewhat picky actually as I don't like very many flavors, so I am predominantly having meat, raw or cooked veg and fruits. No sauces (want to make the mayo but have to get olive oil, I have grapeseed) or gravies have been used.

Should I be concerned about this much weight loss at this stage of the game? Or can I simply see it as my body enjoying the break from the abuse and being able to process the real food it's being given? Advice and tips are welcome from all. :)

Happy Whole30!

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Good morning;

A little housekeeping first; I"m moving your post to trouble shooting for a better fit. Announcements are for site wide announcements.

Second, I've edited your post to remove the scale results. Not stepping on a scale is a rule, not a recommendation. Hide, throw out or run over your scale for the next 30 days please.

That said, it's hard to say without seeing a breakdown of what you've been eating... can you provide us with meals including portion size, specific veggies, protein and fat, meal timing, water intake etc...?

It's possible that if your diet was super awful before coming here that you will experience water weight loss in the first few days...

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