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Day 12, am i eating too much?

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I am on day 12 of my journey with whole30 and I feel great. I get slight headaches here and there but nothing too serious. I do not have outrageous amounts of energy but my energy level is normal. I decided to participate in whole30 to see how well it got rid of my sugar cravings that would come on after every meal almost every night, which it has! My fiancé has ate a lot of sweet things and i do not want them anymore. I am eatting well on whole30 to the point that i am not hungry after any meal but my concern is weight gain and if i am eating too much? I have felt the normal bloat and such according to the timeline but i did a real bad thing and i weighed myself. **mod edit to remove scale discussion** especially with 2 sessions of 60 mins of cardio a day and cutting out all that processed junk that would float around in my diet from time to time. I know that whole30 is not about losing weight and that is not why i started this but it is very frustrating when i feel like i am doing all the right things. Also, i do not plan to weigh myself again. I just want to know if i am doing something wrong before i gain TOO much to turn back.

I have attached my meal breakdown.

D1M1: red potatoes with chicken sausage, peppers, and onions, topped with a fried egg, half of half of avocado (not my favorite healthy fat) and strawberries

D1M2: Trader joes cauliflower rice with onions, carrots, green beans, a scrambled egg, flavored with coconut aminos, and sirloin steak and topped with dump ranch

D1M3: Chicken thigh with green beans and roasted carrots, sweet potatoes and onions

I cant remember the days on these but here are more meals:

Trader joes grass fed angus burger topped with onions, whole30 mayo, compliant bacon, a fried egg, on a lettuce "bun" and oven roasted fries

Sweet potato with ghee, stuffed with ground beef seasoned with compliant taco seasoning, onions and topped with compliant salsa

3 scrambled eggs with sirloin steak and onions, chicken sausage, pistachio/macadamia nut mix, and 1 cutie

Sweet potato rounds roasted in the oven topped with pork shoulder flavored with compliant bbq sauce, onions, compliant bacon and topped with dump ranch

Shredded chicken, onions and compliant bacon on lettuce wraps with whole30 mayo, oven roasted fries and an apple with trader joes crunchy almond butter

3 fried eggs, 2 chicken sausages and watermelon

Compliant chicken parmesan topped with compliant marinara on spaghetti squash and onions and an apple with crunchy almond butter [

Pork shoulder cooked in crockpot and topped with compliant bbq sauce, sweet potato with ghee and squash and onions cooked in olive oil

I am sorry this is so long, i just want to know if i am doing this correctly or not! i almost always cook with healthy fats since their aren't many healthy fats that i enjoy. I am really tempted on starting to weigh out my food so i am not eating too much but i also wanted some feedback as well.

Thank you.












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You meals mostly could use more vegetables. 1-3 cups of vegetables at every meal, and try to get a variety of them. Some seem like they have that, but a few looked like they were short. Fruit doesn't take the place of vegetables.


Are you easily going 4-5 hours between meals? If so, you've got the size about right. If you're starving after 2-3 hours, you need to make them bigger, and if you're going 7-8 hours before you are hungry, you may need to make them a bit smaller.

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My suggestion is around the starchy veggies. I see in the actual day that you posted you had red potatoes for breakfast and then sweet potatoes for dinner. I was having issues 2 weeks into my first W30 with serious bloat and realized that I just can't take in more than one fist sized serving a day of starchy veggies otherwise I bloat like no one else. I will take a couple of bites of a starchy veggie if I've worked out, but other than that I limit it to one serving, normally not in the morning either. 


I agree that a lot of the pics you are showing have little to no veggies at all in them. Also, you could be having issues digesting the nuts and nut butters so you might cut those out or limit them. I have to stay away from fruit almost all together because it sings a sweet song to my sugar demon. 

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