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Day 23 feels like "Hate all the things" dejavu

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I am coming to the end of my first whole30 and I am trying really hard to feel positive about it despite how I have felt recently. I was having an amazing week last week. I had more energy, my workouts were better, I had little to no cravings, I wasn't hungry between meals, I could fall asleep fast, and I was waking up on my own after 8.5 hours of sleep. I was on cloud nine! Slowly; however, all of these amazing NSV have started to slip away. I am not sleeping well at all, I am hungry all of the time, and I am beyond grumpy. My food dreams have become intolerable leaving me feeling guilty and escalating into awake time cravings. The kicker is I haven't changed how I have been eating hardly at all. I even thought these symptoms were from eating too much fruit (2-3 servings a day to now maybe 1), but even reducing my sugar intake hasn't helped! I know I will finish out the challenge, but I want my tiger blood back too!! Help!


As far as what I have been eating; here is the breakdown:





Egg Bake with homemade sausage, spinach, sweet potatoes, and onion (made with coconut oil and milk)

Small Banana



Salad with organic greens, chicken breast (2oz), tomato, and cucumber

Dressing made with avocado oil and lemon juice

4 mini bell peppers






Same as today



Chicken breast(4oz) with brussel sprouts



Spaghetti squash with whole30 pesto, shrimp, tomatoes, and spinach


I drink 3L of water a day and the occasional cup of tea.


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Your meals look really light to me.  How many eggs do you think you're eating in a serving of your egg bake?  A serving size is 3-4 eggs, so I'd make sure to make my portion size fit accordingly.  You're light on protein during lunch (1-2 palm sizes is template) and I know that if I'm eating a salad, I need a ton of greens!  I usually start with 3-4 heaping handfuls of greens and then add additional veggies on top of that.  Also, be liberal with your dressing.  Most of the time, there is still plenty at the bottom of the bowl or on the plate when you're done and it looks like that is your primary fat source for that meal.


I'd also up your fat during dinner.  Fat is your friend, don't skimp on it!  1-2 thumb sizes at least...and if you're still hungry, add more!  


Your fatigue and moodiness may be tied to under eating for the past 23 days.  You could also try adding in some starchier veggies.  Spaghetti squash is starchier than some, but a daily serving of white potatoes, sweet potatoes, or winter squashes can be super helpful.


Feel better and good luck!

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