Puckertoe's first 30.


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Breakfast big frittata with everything. Soaked in ghee.

Didn't feel hungry. Unsurprising since I snacked at 1am to get me to sleep.:-0

May be it's a lower blood sugar level making me feel hungry. Maybe fat adaption not happened yet, but would be surprised since I can bike 5-6 hours on one cup of tea and a cheese sandwich at half way.

My blood glucose has been running a bit high 90s during the day and low 100 am fasting, maybe my bod is getting used to a new low. Can test as no strips at Mo.

So give it some time, hope that my sleep improved.

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This is 'keep the faith day' Day6

I slept much better only woke for one pee. Hallelujah!

Re reading "It starts with food".

So what I mean by keeping faith is keeping going even though I can't see changes, that hormones are getting back to normal and I'm healing on the inside even if I can't see a difference on the outside.

Hubby cooked nice big breakfast that will probably keep us going until Wednesday!bacon eggs tomatoes mushroom spinach. Didn't feel the need for fruit this morning, which has been a bit of a crutch in the past.

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Went for walk for 4-5 miles before lunch.half Lt if water during. And glass after walk.

Chicken, prawns, green beans, carrots, Mayo, avocado half.

Post lunch 20 mile bike ride

PWO..beetroot and a boiled egg with ghee dipped in a little salt for electrolyte.

Dinner. Lamb, sweet potato and cauliflower with vinegar and ghee and homemade salad cream..the Mayo wouldn't thicken so I cooked it into salad cream. :-)

1 Lt water whilst riding. I glkass coconut water and glass water after ride.

I glass water after dinner.

Definitely feeling great energy, was going for a short ride but extended it to long. 1hr 40mins.at a really low hr so really aerobic fat burning mode throughout.

Have enjoyed today, feel happy and relaxed. Looking forward to the start of the second week, tomorrow

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Week 2 day 8

Slept ok. Not peeing every hour helps! Seem that my body has balanced it's water at last.

Breakfast..eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms,spinach and half grapefruit. 1cup tea, 1 glass water.

10 mile bike ride with 1/2 bottle of water

8oz coconut water

No post workout meal as it was lunch time,

Had extra big salmon fillet with butternut squash, and a huge salad of lettuce, watercress, cauliflower,1/2avocado, beetroot, Mayo.

18oz bottle water

Feeling full of energy, and got a couple of PBs on the bike even though I was keeping my heart rate down into the aerobic zone.

Good recovery from yesterday's ride.

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Wow..day 9 already.

I can't believe the days have gone so fast.

Challenge for next few days. Of to help out a friend. A vegetarian friend who usually has beans on toast for lunch and cereal for breakfast, and eats biscuits all day. An, is thin as a rake so doesn't really understand that I want to get into of my health.

Made a bag full of foodstuffs to take with me. Crab and coleslaw today, with fish tonight and veggies. Got breakfast sorted.

Bloating from yesterday has gone..I can do my jeans up again. comfy!

Slept OK, but not brilliantly.

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Day 9, went really well. My friend kept me plied with fruit tea whilst we did some work on her house. Busy all day. Food worked out well. Had a fab tinned fish hash withonions, courgette,butternut squash, veggies for tea from the camper van kitchen.

* Full of energy all day long,

* Ordinary wholesome food tastes really good

* Appetite is huge. Eating big plates full of good quality food that once would have thought bland and boring. When I sat down with a bowl of homemade coleslaw and crab at lunch time my friend said' you'll never Eat all that" I said, "Watch me". I've never been able to eat much as I think my stomach had shrunk down from getting calories from rubbish. And now it's doing what it should.

No cravings, well maybe just a reall cuppa tea.

* Skin is very smooth and soft

* Positive mood

*wedding ring fit, having taken it of because it was hurting me, I put it back on and it fits well again.

* Feel younger, winding back the clock!

*going to need a new wardrobe at this rate.

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Little bit dehydrated so made sure to drink loads when I woke up this morning.

Feeling...Awesome!, I mean really, honestly, in every way. Mentally zippy and happy, relaxed and positive.

Physically, I know this is dong me good, my clothes fit differently. Inside I've no idea, but haven't had an appetite like this before in my life. No idea how many calories I'm eating, but twice as much food as I would eat in my old life.

Breakfast, 3 eggs, onions,spring greens,tomatoes, fried in ghee.

Lunch, cold chicken and more coleslaw.a big bowls worth of it.followed by strawberries. So sweet even just as they come.

Run in PM, about 3 miles sloooow.Have drunk a Lt and half of water and water mixed with coconut water, I cup tea with almond milk( yuk).

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Day 11,12

Still going.

Appetite is getting a bit more moderate, thank goodness.

Still clearing the fridge of veggies though. Lidl got avocados on offer this week along with spinach and broccoli,a W30ers dream meal plan.

So eating well feeling good. Sleeping OK, but not dramatically better than normal.

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Nearly the end of week 3

Day 20.

Just sort of going with the flow. Went cycle touring with pockets full of boiled eggs, dates,apples and tins of fish. Sweet potato etc. OK but too heavy for any extended trip, beyond shops. Felt very thirsty the first day and drank masses. Had cramp due to salt loss on the first night but after that all OK.

Good week, looking forward to finishing as I'm still missing a cuppa.

Thinking that I will continue the 30 with the odd slap up meal of good quality nice things.

Food is good..even the things I thought were boring taste great. Sweet veg.

Not seem to seen a lot of change from last week physically, feel well, sleeping ok, not brilliantly. Maybe slow weight loss, or belly fat loss.

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Day 23.

Still going strong and enjoying my food.

Think I'm losing g a bit of fat still at least my husband thinks so.

Sleeping pretty well

Loads of energy to do things.

Not hungry, in fact I forgot to eat lunch yesterday, it wasn't until dinner time that I realised.

Breakfast is nearly always a bacon egg and veg combo in some form.

Lunch is usually a large salad with tin fish.

Dinner is planned around a protein like mince or chicken portions.

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Day 29!

Wow..I've nearly finished the W30

Went shopping and very hard to not buy all the food I fancy. But. I got strawberries and lemon sole and carrots and broccoli.

Feeling absolutely in control of food.

Last day tomorrow and not sure how I'm feeling about adding back stuff.

Bingeing at weekends has to stop, so now I know I feel good without the junk the wine and the crisps, it will be easier to go without huge piles of the trigger foods.

I'm cycling 100 miles on a day this week. When the rain finally stops again and the sun reappears. Got the figs and potatoes at the ready...

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