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Katie Rin

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Ok Whole30 friends,  I really want to start another Whole30, I did one this time last year and it was amazing.  But right after that I switched to a full time night shift at work.  I'm an EMT, I sit on an ambulance 48 hours a week and do NOT have access to a stove, sometimes no access to a microwave on the job and don't have Whole30 options where the hospitals sometimes feed us.  


I know all the usual tricks, whole fruits, raw veggies, nuts, almond butter, pre-make meals weeks out... but what I need are recipes.  Things I can make and freeze, that I can pull out the morning before to thaw and will keep 12 hours on a truck.  I want to have my plan laid out before I even start.  


I'm also in full time school so I don't have a ton of meal prep time, so quick or easy to put together things would be helpful too.


Yes I know I'm sounding needy


Links are great! 

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You can try cooking a whole chicken in the oven at a time.Shredding it once cooked and then freezing it in single serving packets.Spice wise you can use just salt and pepper or make it exotic if you want with some indian or mexican spice rubs and mixes.

Making sweet potato mashes and freezing them helps.

For breakfast an egg muffins or a large frittata with veggies or a crustless quiche can be cut into single serving squares and frozen.


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Keep the cooking simple. I put shredded chicken and frozen veggies in the same container. Throw in some healthy fat. Salt and pepper or other spices. Cooked beef cubes and sweet potato. Do you have time to microwave lunch between calls?

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I make a frittata on Sunday loaded with veggies and protein (usually ground pork, a metric ton of mixed veggies) baked in a 9x13 pan and then I cut a slice and take it for either breakfast or lunch. It's fine to be room temp (I don't use a microwave in my life...) and if you can get a little 'cooler' lunch bag, then it will definitely be fine.

Scotch eggs are also good... anything you cook for dinner and then put a few scoops in a mason jar works... I'm thinking most recipes from Well Fed/Well Fed 2 ( pack some veggies and ranch dip into another mason jar and voila!

If you take stuff out of the fridge before work and put it right into an insulated lunch bag, you can go pretty much all day without worrying about spoilage...

The easiest thing I make to freeze and what is always a staple in my freezer is chili... (no beans obv). Make a huge batch in the biggest pot you have and then freeze it into 500ml (pint) mason jars... leave a bit of room at the top, but it in the fridge to cool first and then transfer to the freezer... you should have no problem with breakage.... Leave it out of a cooler bag (just in the console of the rig would work) and then by the time it's eating time, it's ready.

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Also try some kitchen hacks to save on your prep time:

  • bulk cooking
  • bake sweet potatoes without peeling, just scoop out their cooked insides
  • don't roll meatballs, cook the meat crumbled or bake flat and cut up (or do burgers, less work than meatballs)
  • as well as frozen, things like Hot Plates can be real time savers
  • slow cooker pulled pork
  • for easy bulk veggie soup, freezes nicely. Add protein if you want (I usually eat mine with it, rather than mixed in to the soup)
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