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Started yesterday (May 12th)


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Hi everyone. Have done a couple of days of this now, and feeling not too bad, but REALLY missing sugar in my coffee :( (I'm a 2+ kinda gal!).


Decided I would do this on a whim at about 11pm Wednesday night, then jumped in feet first Thursday morning. 100% how you're not supposed to do it. However not really a whim, as have been thinking about doing this for the last few years, but have been waiting until finished having children and breastfeeding. Five now, and I think we're done! Just stopped bf-ing as well. (I know you probably can do this while pregnant/bf, but I didn't want to. Didn't have the energy!)


Anyway, that's me. I'm writing a bit about it here http://whole35.tumblr.com (35 is my age), saving recipes etc. 

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