Day 19 and so proud I did not break my whole30


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I planned my second whole30 to a time I knew I would have pretty much a clear schedule, because it is a lot easier for me to stay compliant.

Last minute I had some friends from Brasil (which I normally see every 2 or 3 years) coming over for the weekend. I planned in order to stay compliant. I took them to a nice restaurant I knew had compliant food and I planned not to drink any alcohol. I even explained to my friend in advance that I'm doing this program and would not have any wine but it would still be lots of fun.

The thing is we are in the middle of this "Oktoberfest" kind of event in my city. They were drinking beer all night and a lot of friends joined in. I was drinking water which was the only option available. I thought about giving up on my whole30 several times but then I thought about how disappointed I would feel later. It was not worth it.

So I just had fun no matter what and my friend to whom I explained briefly why I wasn't drinking even congratulated me for sticking with my resolution and the program.

Hurray! I just did it! And it feels a lot better than any wine or beer in the whole wide world!!!

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