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My first Whole30 and what I've learned about myself


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So today is my day 30 and I decided to go back and read through my daily journaling of my experience. Anyone who is starting, or considering starting, your own Whole30, this is something I highly recommend. Through reading my journal entries I could really see and relive all of my journey, and it was a journey, and continues to be. I forgot some of the issues I had when starting this and my list of NSV's continued to grow as I recalled them.

~I no longer have any hypoglycemic attacks

~I no longer have daily headaches

~I no longer have pain, bloating, or diarrhea in the mornings (IBS?)

~I'm no longer exhausted without reason although I wouldn't exactly say I have boundless energy yet

~Noticable improvement with my feelings of depression

~And a better feeling of self worth and a healthier relationship with my food

~Improved PMS symptoms including more mild cramps and headaches. Although my irritability became way worse, but I think this will improve as my hormones balance out.

I have made the decision to not step on the scale today which I could also count as a victory. I used to weigh myself daily and suffered through many diets and disappointments. I didn't know how to eat. Now I have a way of eating that I KNOW is healthy, and I KNOW is sustainable.

I also realized, by going back in my journal, that I used bad food not as a crutch, but as punishment. This is a big realization for me and made me very emotional. I was punishing myself with food because I felt like I deserved to be miserable. This realization has reminded me that I need to be more kind and patient with myself. Another reason for passing up stepping on the scale.

I plan to continue on with a Whole60 at least because I feel as though I need more time to really accept these changes and continue to learn to LOVE my body with food instead of punishing it.

The Journey Continues ❤️

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