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RhondaLT's Whole 30 Journal


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I feel so stupid to have accidentally eaten something non-compliant on Day 8. Now I'm starting over. Even though today is another day 0, I will be Whole30 compliant. I ate turkey sausage last night for dinner in a Paleo recipe. I had eaten it (I'm celiac and gluten free) before Whole30 and felt confident, I guess, that it was ok to eat on Whole 30. Within 30 minutes, I felt the effect in my tummy and immediately remembered I had not label checked the sausage. It contained soy protein, added sugar and to top it all off - MSG!

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Breakfast - fried egg in butter, slice of bacon, grilled onions & peppers, avocado

Lunch - Protein salad w/ deli turkey, boiled egg, tomato, onion, spinach with ranch dressing, watermelon

Dinner - Chicken thighs, creamy coleslaw, kiwi


Over the re-start Day 1 tomorrow

Feel good, belly is better


Energy during work-out today!  YES!!

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